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    In the Media

    Ajax CEO Jason Seiden recently talked with Entrepreneur Magazine about Workforce Marketing. Check it out!

Align Your Team

Find out how your team’s LinkedIn profiles are impacting your bottom line. Click here.

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    Social ready
    Ajax sets the foundation for workforce marketing with channel-optimized messaging, and clear social policies and guidelines.
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    Opt In
    No cut-and-paste language here! We show employees how to leverage company messaging to enhance their own professional image and provide pre-approved options they can use for inspiration.
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    When employees understand how and why alignment helps their personal brands, taking action becomes easier.
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    Ajax’s Brand Amplifier app gives you measurable outcomes.

Amplify Your Brand

When it comes to believing your employer brand promise, employee ambassadors are 3x more trusted than your CEO and 6x more trusted than a company spokesperson. (Edelman 2013 Trust Barometer)

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    Amplify Your ROI
    Ajax activates the highest impact marketing channel for your employer brand, amplifying your brand and maximizing results.
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    Get Feedback Fast
    Our Workforce Marketing process ensures that you know right away where potential employee ambassadors are sitting in your organization.
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    Minimize Risk
    Ajax improves the way employees self-identify online, making status updates more impactful and lowering the risk that they are misunderstood.

About Ajax

Ajax optimizes employees’ online profiles to make business easier.

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    Our Mission
    Ajax’s mission is to make professional communication more genuine and productive.
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    Our Process
    Ajax’s takes the art of creating an elevator pitch and breaks it down into small, manageable steps.
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    Our Clients
    Ajax helps enterprise, mid-size, and small businesses. Click the image for a partial client roster. .
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    Our Products
    Ajax has solutions designed to take clients from an initial, light-touch assessment to a full, enterprise-wide Workforce Marketing roll out.

Start Here

Start with an assessment that shows you exactly how your team presents itself on LinkedIn. It’s high impact, and you’ll know immediately if Workforce Marketing can benefit you.

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